Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

Reducing our environmental impact, promoting the use of renewable sources of energy and encouraging responsible purchasing decisions are just some of the ways that ISO standards contribute to sustainable consumption and production.

Working towards these goals, ISO 20400, Sustainable procurement – Guidance, helps organizations incorporate sustainability into their procurement function. ISO has also developed standards for environmental labelling within the ISO 14020 series. These provide guiding principles for the development and use of environmental labels and self-declarations, as well as preparing for third-party certification programmes, which help validate environmental claims and thus encourage consumers to make better choices.

In addition, work is underway on a new standard for sustainable development and social responsibility in the agri-food sector. Sustainability is also highly relevant when it comes to construction. ISO 15392, Sustainability in building construction – General principles, identifies and establishes general principles for sustainability in buildings and other construction works throughout their whole life cycle, from inception to end of life. Also supporting sustainable lifestyle choices, ISO 20245, Crossborder trade of second-hand goods, establishes minimum screening criteria for goods traded between countries, helping to drive this alternative consumption pattern by reducing waste and environmental impact.

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