Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all

Recognizing the importance of quality education for all, ISO has developed ISO 21001, the first-ever management system standard on education.

It is aimed at improving the processes and quality of educational institutions to address the needs and expectations of those who use their services.

In addition, ISO’s technical committee ISO/TC 232 develops standards that describe the requirements for learning services provided outside formal education, such as ISO 29993, which covers all types of lifelong learning including vocational education and in-company training (either outsourced or in-house).

SDG 4 in the news

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The technical specification for the use of mobile technology in the education sector has just been revised to ensure better learning outcomes for everyone.
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New guidelines for virtual reality in learning just published.
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Accent on quality
A new standard for language learning services just published
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