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Access to quality healthcare is an essential human right. ISO has numerous standards supporting safe, quality medical practices and equipment that help healthcare providers deliver a more reliable and effective service.

These include standards on sterilization methods, medical devices, surgical implants and instruments, health informatics and related products, among other areas of focus. Notable examples are the ISO 11137 series for the sterilization of healthcare products by radiation and ISO 7153 on materials for surgical instruments.

ISO also develops standards to help local governments promote health and well-being in their communities, such as International Workshop Agreement IWA 18, Framework for integrated community-based life-long health and care services in aged societies, and ISO 37101 for the sustainable development of communities.

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SDG 3 in the news

By Clare Naden on
Covid-19: addressing workplace challenges on World Day for Safety and Health at Work
Keeping safe and healthy in the workplace is important at any time, but even more so in times like these. This year’s World Day for Safety and Health at Work addresses the COVID-19 pandemic and ISO is right behind the efforts with guidance to help.
By Clare Naden on
Strengthening communities at challenging times
We are all feeling the impact of Covid-19, but some people are at greater risk than others. How can communities identify those who are vulnerable and ensure they get the help they need? Structured guidance on how to do that can provide a lifeline to communities already stretched to their limits.
By Clare Naden on
Supporting nurses and midwives on World Health Day
It is not just when there’s a pandemic that nurses and midwives work tirelessly for the good of public health. It is every single day, and ensuring they can work to their full potential is a powerful step towards universal health coverage. This year’s World Health Day theme is “Support Nurses and Midwives” …
By Clare Naden on
Reducing the risks of medical devices: international guidance just updated
Virtually no medical procedure is without risk, but there are many ways to minimize it. One such way is through applying sound risk management processes to medical devices. The International Standard to do just that has now been updated.