ISO/TMBG refers to the groups that report to the ISO Technical Management Board (TMB). The TMB is the governance body responsible for the general management of the technical committee structure within ISO. As stated in clause 9.4 of the ISO Statutes, “The Technical Management Board may establish ad hoc technical and strategic advisory groups as deemed necessary to accomplish its responsibilities.” These groups are established and dissolved via TMB Resolutions. They report to the TMB at regular intervals and the TMB has oversight of their membership and activities. Refer to the TMB Rules of Procedure, Clause 1, for the full terms of reference of the TMB.

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published ISO standards *

under the direct responsibility of ISO/TMBG


ISO standards under development *

related to the TC and its SCs

of which 10 under the direct responsibility of ISO/TMBG


Participating members

* number includes updates

Reference Title Type
ISO/TMBG/ATMG Arab translation management group Working group *
ISO/TMBG/JTCG Joint technical Coordination Group on MSS (TAG 13) Working group *
ISO/TMBG/JTCG-TF 4 Guidance to help standard writers use Annex SL Appendix 2 and 3 Working group *
ISO/TMBG/JTCG-TF 5 IUMSS Handbook revision Working group *
ISO/TMBG/JTF-DPPC Joint Task Force on Database for Product Properties and Classes Working group *
ISO/TMBG/JWG Guide 59 JWG Revision of ISO/IEC Guide 59 Working group *
ISO/TMBG/SAG A Strategic advisory group on ageing societies Working group *
ISO/TMBG/SMCC ISO Smart Manufacturing Coordinating Committee (SMCC) Working group *
ISO/TMBG/STMG Spanish translation management group Working group *
ISO/TMBG/TAG 14 Image Technology Sub committee
ISO/TMBG/TF 6 Task Force to evaluate the HL7 pilot project with TC 215 Working group *
ISO/TMBG/TF 7 Task Force on Climate Change Coordination (CCC TF) Working group *
ISO/TMBG/TF 8 Standing Smart Cities Task Force (SSCTF) Working group *
ISO/TMBG/TF 9 Task force to ensure coordination and coherence of the technical work in the machinery sector Working group *
ISO/TMBG/TF 10 Task Force on National Adoptions data use by ISO Members Working group *
ISO/TMBG/TF 11 Implementation of project management in ISO standards development Working group *
ISO/TMBG/TF 12 Infographics for MSS Working group *
ISO/TMBG/TF 13 Meta Analytics for HLS MSS Working group *
ISO/TMBG/TF 14 ISO virtual standards development process Working group *

* The convener can be reached through the secretariat (See contact information below)