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      <title-wrap xml:lang='en'>
        <main>Sampling procedures for inspection by variables</main>...</title-wrap>
    <sec sec-type="foreword">
      <p>ISO (the International Organization for Standardization) is a ...</p>...
    <sec sec-type="intro">
      <p>This part of ISO 3951 specifies ...</p>
    <sec sec-type="scope">
      <p>This part of ISO 3951 specifies an acceptance sampling system
	of single sampling plans for inspection by variables, indexed
	in terms of the Acceptance Quality Limit (AQL).</p>
    <sec sec-type="norm-refs">
      <title>Normative references</title>
      <p>The following referenced documents are indispensable 
        <ref content-type="standard">
            <std>ISO 2859-1:1999, Sampling procedures for inspection
	      by attributes — Part 1: Sampling schemes indexed by
	      acceptance quality limit (AQL) for lot-by-lot
    <sec sec-type="terms">
      <title>Terms and definitions</title>
      <p>For the purposes of this document, the terms and definitions
	given in ...</p>
       <title>inspection by variables</title>
       <p>inspection by measuring the magnitude(s) of a
	  characteristic(s) of an item</p>
       <p><ext-link ext-link-type="iso-std">[ISO 3534-2]</ext-link></p>
        <title>consumer’s risk quality</title>
        <p>quality level (3.7) of a process which, in the acceptance
	  sampling plan, corresponds to a specified consumer’s
        <list list-type="simple">
            <label>NOTE 1</label>
            <p>In this part of ISO 3951, the quality level is the
	      process fraction nonconforming.</p>
            <label>NOTE 2</label>
            <p>In this part of ISO 3951, the consumer’s risk quality
	      is such that the consumer’s risk is 10%.</p>
   <app content-type="norm-annex">
     <label>Annex A</label>
     <title>Tables for determining the appropriate sample size</title>