Glossary Elements List

Section whose content is typically a list of terms and definitions, usually tagged as one or more two-part lists called <def-list>. Typically part of the back matter of a document.


The <glossary> element should not be used to tag the formal terms and definitions provided in section 3 of many International Standards, or corresponding terms and definitions clauses in other documents. Such terms and definitions sections should be marked up using <term-sec> and the individual definitions should normally be marked up using <tbx:termEntry>.

See the separate documentation for a full description of the use of <tbx:termEntry>.


content-type Type of Content
id Identifier
originator Originator
specific-use Specific Use
xml:lang Language

Model Description

The following, in order:

This element may be contained in:

<ack>, <app>, <back>, <bio>, <boxed-text>, <glossary>, <notes>, <sec>, <term-sec>


<def-item><term id="G1">PAP I</term>
<def><p>poly(A)polymerase I</p></def>
<def-item><term id="G2">PNPase</term>
<def><p>polynucleotide phosphorylase</p></def>