Additional information tied to a particular location in the text. This material is not considered to be part of the body of the text, but is a note used instead of, in addition to, as a source for, or as a commentary on either some body text or on an element in the metadata such as an author.


fn-type Type of Footnote
id Identifier
specific-use Specific Use
symbol Symbol
xml:lang Language

Model Description

The following, in order:

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<aff>, <article-title>, <attrib>, <bold>, <chem-struct>, <collab>, <comment>, <compl>, <def-head>, <element-citation>, <fig>, <fn-group>, <full>, <intro>, <italic>, <label>, <license-p>, <main>, <meta-value>, <mixed-citation>, <monospace>, <named-content>, <overline>, <p>, <preformat>, <roman>, <sans-serif>, <sc>, <speaker>, <std>, <strike>, <styled-content>, <sub>, <subtitle>, <sup>, <supplementary-material>, <table-wrap-foot>, <td>, <term>, <term-head>, <th>, <title>, <trans-title>, <underline>


       <label>Table A.1</label>
       <caption><p>Sample size code letters and inspection levels</p></caption>
           <th>Lot or batch size</th>
           <th>Special inspection levels</th>
           <p>The sample size code letters and inspection levels in
		this part of ISO 3951 correspond to those given in ISO
		2859 1 and ISO 3951-1.</p>