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<p>One of the most well-known Surgeons General of the
United States (1982-1989), C. Everett Koop&rsquo;s illustrious
career encompasses more than 35 years ...</p>
<p>Following his graduation from Dartmouth College (B.A.,
1937), Koop received his M.D. degree ...</p>
<label>2</label><title>Medical Practice</title>
<p>Following his training, Koop joined the staff of
Children&rsquo;s Hospital of Philadelphia as a pediatric
surgeon; in 1946 he became ...</p>
<label>3</label><title>Government Office</title>
<p>Koop became Surgeon General in January 1982.  During
his tenure, he was a strong advocate on public health issues
such as the rights of the disabled, smoking, and ...</p>
<p>The same year as his appointment, controversy arose
involving the treatment of a disabled newborn ...</p>