Entailed Term (TBX Tag Set)

For usage information and contents, see the documentation for TBX in ISO 30042.


This element is part of the ISOSTS customization of the JATS journal publishing vocabulary; it is not part of the base vocabulary.

<tbx:entailedTerm> is intended to be used only inside <tbx:termEntry> elements. It is allowed in other places in the document only because of limitations in the structure of the document model.

Related Elements

See also <tbx:termEntry>.

Model Description

Use ISO 30042 documentation; TBX (TermBase eXchange) compatible vocabulary derived from ISO 30042.

This element may be contained in:

<aff>, <article-title>, <attrib>, <bold>, <chem-struct>, <comment>, <compl>, <def-head>, <element-citation>, <full>, <intro>, <italic>, <label>, <license-p>, <main>, <meta-value>, <mixed-citation>, <monospace>, <named-content>, <overline>, <p>, <preformat>, <roman>, <sans-serif>, <sc>, <speaker>, <strike>, <styled-content>, <sub>, <subtitle>, <sup>, <td>, <term>, <term-head>, <th>, <title>, <trans-title>, <underline>