Boxed Text

Textual material that is part of the body but is outside the flow of the narrative text (for example, a sidebar).


This element is part of the base JATS journal publishing vocabulary; its definition and documentation have been modified to reflect its use in the ISOSTS customization of JATS.


content-type Type of Content
id Identifier
orientation Orientation
originator Originator
position Position
specific-use Specific Use
xml:lang Language

Model Description

The following, in order:

This element may be contained in:

<ack>, <app>, <app-group>, <bio>, <body>, <boxed-text>, <disp-quote>, <glossary>, <license-p>, <named-content>, <non-normative-example>, <non-normative-note>, <notes>, <p>, <ref-list>, <sec>, <styled-content>, <term-display>, <term-sec>


<p>If the search term is found in this translation table,
the term will be mapped to the appropriate MeSH term, and
the Indexes will be searched as both the text word entered
by the user and the MeSH term:
<boxed-text position="anchor" content-type="website">
<title>Search term: gallstones</title>
<p>&ldquo;Gallstones&rdquo; is an entry term for the MeSH
term &ldquo;cholelithiasis&rdquo; in the MeSH translation table.</p>
<p>Search translated to: &ldquo;cholelithiasis&rdquo;
[MeSH Terms] OR gallstones [Text Word]</p>