Term Entry (TBX Tag Set)

Container for TBX encoding of one entry in a terminological database.

For usage information and contents, see the documentation for TBX in ISO 30042.


This element is part of the ISOSTS customization of the JATS journal publishing vocabulary; it is not part of the base vocabulary.


id Identifier
xmlns:tbx TBX Namespace Declaration

Related Elements

See also <term-display>.

TBX is a concept-oriented encoding of terminological data; the <tbx:termEntry> records information about any number of synonymous terms in multiple languages. The <term-display> element is an appearance-oriented encoding of terminological data which may be used when it is difficult to generate the desired formatted display from the TBX entry, or (in a data conversion process) when it is difficult to create a useful TBX term entry from an appearance-oriented input document.

The two encodings may appear side-by-side as equivalents; processes that consume ISOSTS documents should be prepared to see either or both forms of a term entry and to use one or the other (or both) as appropriate.

See the separate TBX documentation for a full description of the contents and usage of <tbx:termEntry>.

Model Description

Use ISO 30042 documentation; TBX (TermBase eXchange) compatible vocabulary derived from ISO 30042.

This element may be contained in: