Standardization of all aspects, including safety, of lifts, service lifts, escalators, passenger conveyors and similar apparatus.

Excluded :

  • continuous mechanical handling equipment and lifts in mines.

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published ISO standards *

under the direct responsibility of ISO/TC 178


ISO standards under development *

under the direct responsibility of ISO/TC 178


Participating members


Observing members

* number includes updates

Reference Title Type
ISO/TC 178/WG 2 Guide rails Working group
ISO/TC 178/WG 4 Safety requirements and risk assessment Working group
ISO/TC 178/WG 5 Escalators and moving walks Working group
ISO/TC 178/WG 6 Lift installation Working group
ISO/TC 178/WG 8 Electrical requirements Working group
ISO/TC 178/WG 10 Energy efficiency Working group
ISO/TC 178/WG 11 Methodology for the improvement of safety of existing passenger and goods passenger lifts Working group

Joint working groups under the responsibility of another committee
Reference Title
ISO/TC 92/SC 2/WG 9 Joint ISO/TC 92/SC 2 - ISO/TC 178 WG: Lift landing doors
Liaison Committees to ISO/TC 178

The committees below can access the documents of ISO/TC 178 :

Reference Title ISO/IEC
IEC/TC 94 All-or-nothing electrical relays IEC
ISO/TC 59/SC 16 Accessibility and usability of the built environment ISO
ISO/TC 92 Fire safety ISO
ISO/TC 92/SC 2 Fire containment ISO
ISO/TC 92/SC 4 Fire safety engineering ISO
ISO/TC 94 Personal safety -- Protective clothing and equipment ISO
ISO/TC 105 Steel wire ropes ISO
ISO/TC 199 Safety of machinery ISO
ISO/TC 299 Robotics ISO
Liaison Committees from ISO/TC 178

ISO/TC 178 can access the documents of the committees below :

Reference Title ISO/IEC
ISO/TC 8/SC 4 Outfitting and deck machinery ISO
ISO/TC 41 Pulleys and belts (including veebelts) ISO
ISO/TC 41/SC 3 Conveyor belts ISO
ISO/TC 51 Pallets for unit load method of materials handling ISO
ISO/TC 59 Buildings and civil engineering works ISO
ISO/TC 59/SC 16 Accessibility and usability of the built environment ISO
ISO/TC 101 Continuous mechanical handling equipment [STANDBY] ISO
ISO/TC 131/SC 8 Product testing ISO
ISO/TC 131/SC 9 Installations and systems ISO
ISO/TC 173 Assistive products for persons with disability ISO
ISO/TC 173/SC 2 Classification and terminology ISO
ISO/TC 199 Safety of machinery ISO
Organizations in liaison (Category A and B)
Acronym Title Category
ELA European Lift Association A
PALEA Pacific Asia Lift and Escalator Association A
SBS - Small Business Standards Small Business Standards A

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