Comment in a Citation

Container element for unstructured text within a bibliographic reference.


content-type Type of Content
specific-use Specific Use
xml:lang Language

Model Description

Any combination of:

This element may be contained in:

<element-citation>, <mixed-citation>, <related-article>, <related-object>


<element-citation publication-type="commun">
<comment>115 Park Street, W, [London, GB]</comment>
<source>Letter to: Marquis Townshend</source>
<size units="leaf">4 leaves</size>
<comment>Located at: Modern Manuscripts Collection,
History of Medicine Division, National Library of
Medicine, Bethesda, MD; MS F 179</comment>
<annotation><p>Nightingale responds to Townshend&rsquo;s
request on behalf of a Mrs. Montague for funds to
support old nurses</p></annotation>