Milestone End

End of a non-hierarchically nested object (for example, a textual component which cannot be expressed in the normal non-overlapping tree structure of an XML document).


content-type Type of Content
id Identifier
rationale Rationale
rid Reference to an Identifier
specific-use Specific Use
xml:lang Language

Model Description

This is an EMPTY element

This element may be contained in:

<addr-line>, <article-title>, <attrib>, <award-id>, <bold>, <collab>, <comment>, <compl>, <def-head>, <element-citation>, <full>, <funding-source>, <intro>, <italic>, <license-p>, <main>, <meta-value>, <mixed-citation>, <monospace>, <named-content>, <overline>, <p>, <preformat>, <roman>, <sans-serif>, <sc>, <strike>, <styled-content>, <sub>, <subtitle>, <sup>, <supplement>, <td>, <term>, <term-head>, <th>, <title>, <trans-title>, <underline>, <verse-line>