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ISO/TS 21219-25:2017 defines the TPEG application electromobility charging infrastructure (EMI). It has been specifically designed to support information about charging infrastructure for electric vehicles (not just cars), the location of e-charging points and their suitability for the respective vehicle (e.g. connector type, charging modality). As electric vehicles will occupy a "charging space" for a longer period of time, information on availability/waiting time and reservation options are highly relevant for a user of an electric vehicle to optimally plan his route/trip and are therefore also accounted for.

The standardized delivery, through a TPEG technology, of information on charging infrastructures has the following benefits to an end user of this TPEG service:

a) Identifying suitable charging units for his vehicle, thus preventing unnecessary driving around to find a fitting unit (also has environmental benefits).

b) Verifying the real-time availability of charging units.

c) Being able to plan ahead and reserve a spot in a charging park and thus optimize the planning of his trip.

d) Being able to select a financially attractive charging point in a charging park the operator of which has billing agreements with the user's electromobility provider.

In addition to these end-user benefits, also electromobility providers and charging park operators benefit from a standardized TPEG format as it allows an easier harmonization of the electromobility charging infrastructure information with the data formats used for the exchange of information between management systems of electromobility providers and charge park operators and according specifications (e.g. Open Charge Alliance[1], eMobility ICT Interoperability Innovation (eMI3)[2], etc.).

The TPEG application electromobility charging infrastructure, as add-on service component next to, for example traffic information, is laid out to support large numbers of charge parks with only modest bandwidth requirements.



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  • État actuel :  Publiée
    Date de publication : 2017-02
  • Edition : 1
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    ISO/TC 204
    Systèmes de transport intelligents
  • 03.220.01
    Transport en général
    Application des TI dans le transport

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