ISO 28005-2:2011 contains technical specifications that facilitate efficient exchange of electronic information between ships and shore for coastal transit or port calls. It is intended to cover safety and security information requirements related mainly to the relationships between the ship and the port and coastal state authorities.

ISO 28005-2:2011 contains the definition of core data elements for use in electronic port clearance (EPC) messages. It contains definitions of core data elements for electronic messaging between ships and shore in the areas of safety, security and marine operations. It does not define any structuring of messages or provide any guidance on what information is required for a particular purpose; it is rather a general data dictionary for safety, security or operation-related maritime information.

It is intended for use in XML messages and will for that reason differ somewhat from the similar trade data elements directory (TDED) International Standard, ISO 7372.

The core data elements defined in ISO 28005-2:2011 are specified so that their meaning and interpretation in general are independent of the context in which they are used.

ISO 28005-2:2011 does not define the message formats required to exchange information.

ISO 28005-2:2011 contains definitions of core data elements for EPC. These elements cover all requirements for ship-to-shore and shore-to-ship reporting as defined in the following.

  • All FAL standard declarations (FAL 1 to 7) as defined in the FAL Convention.
  • ISPS reporting requirements as defined in ISPS and MSC 1305.
  • All general ship reporting requirements as defined in IMO Resolution A.851.
  • Recommended reporting on ship-generated waste as defined in MEPC 644 (mandatory within the European Union, as described in EU/2000/59).
  • Required reporting as defined in the bulk loading and unloading code IMO Resolution A.862.
  • ETA reporting to pilot station as defined in IMO Resolution A.960.

ISO 28005-2:2011 can also be used for information exchanges between the ship and the ship agent, the port and ship operator or manager. It will not necessarily cover issues such as customs clearance of imported or exported goods or transport service provisions to goods owners.

Informations générales

  • État actuel :  Annulée
    Date de publication : 2011-03
  • Edition : 1
  • :
    ISO/TC 8/SC 11
    Transport intermodal et transport maritime à courte distance
  • 35.240.60
    Application des TI dans le transport
    Autres normes relatives à la construction navale et aux structures maritimes

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