ISO 22853:2005 specifies the XML application MSML (Maritime Safety Markup Language). MSML is a language for structuring information and the goal is to create an open standard that can be used generally in the maritime sector. MSML is implemented using XML Schema, which is contained in a separate document that could be used at validation. The first purpose of MSML is to make it possible to record safety related information in relation to repair and maintenance. The second purpose is to define an extensible structure that could be developed in future versions of MSML. Note that MSML should not primarily be seen as a support for normal work onboard. Instead, it is an add-on support for transfers of safety related information to/from the vessel.

MSML enables security handling and since MSML concerns safety aspects there is information support for

  • preventing accidents;
  • minimizing extent of damage;
  • minimizing criticality of consequences.

These aspects concern both vessel and bases ashore (denoted shore bases in this Publicly Available Specification).

MSML consists of the following constituents:

  • data model that defines the data of interest. The basic parts of the data model are vessel static and dynamic areas, shore base static and dynamic areas and vessel shore base relation. Each of these can be created successively and thus validation can be made even if information is not complete;
  • administrative support that defines the handling of the XML application instance as a file;
  • security support that defines the handling of data security. MSML enables digital signatures and encryption via the W3C recommendations 'XML Encryption Syntax and Processing' and 'XML-Signature Syntax and Processing'.

Informations générales

  • État actuel :  Annulée
    Date de publication : 2005-10
  • Edition : 1
  • :
    ISO/TC 8
    Navires et technologie maritime
  • 35.240.60
    Application des TI dans le transport
    Autres normes relatives à la construction navale et aux structures maritimes

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