Small businesses play a key role in Brazil's tourism sector

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By Katie Bird
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Tomorrow, Saturday 27 September, is World Tourism Day. Organized by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the day is designed to highlight tourism's social, cultural, political and economic value. In Brazil, like many other countries, tourism is indeed big business and a leading driver of economic development.

One sector of particular importance for the country is adventure tourism, where travelers seek out activities that get adrenaline running high.

Of course, the very nature of this industry requires an increased focus on safety and risk management, and Brazil has turned to standards in the hope they will help.

At the recent ISO General Assembly held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil we had the chance to meet with Leonardo Persi who has been very active at both the national and international level in the development of standards for adventure tourism.

Persi explained that standards can help boost the safety of the industry and minimize risk, in addition to helping companies differentiate themselves in the face of strong competition. Many of the companies involved in this sector in Brazil are micro and small businesses, some operating with just a handful of employees, explained Persi. This means that the way they do business has a significant impact on the national economy.

While it was clear from the outset that these small businesses had much to offer and much to gain from any national or international standard, it was not always easy to get them involved, he added.

In this video Persi explains some of the steps the country has taken to help the small business "see themselves in the standard", and get the most out of its implementation.


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