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NOTE: This page is dedicated to National Standard Bodies officers and experts, mirroring international committees soon to be migrated to the new Documents application. It will be updated regularly with all the latest news, support materials and other useful resources.

A new user-centric approach to allow national experts and NSBs to navigate seamlessly across national and international content

To support the implementation of the ISO Strategy 2030, Information Technology is a key enabler to increase collaboration with partner organizations. The ISO eCommittees replacement project provided a  unique opportunity not only to centralise ISO  related document management (including  AFNOR and DIN hosted Committee documents) for technical committees around the world but also to further connect ISO with its partners such as CEN. 

The recently deployed ISO Documents platform already allows users to navigate seamlessly between CEN and ISO Documents if they hold relevant roles to access documents for both organizations. With the new platform, users with roles at both national and international levels will be able to navigate effortlessly between environments.

Latest news

2022-06-30 : June WAVE COMPLETED

With this last migration wave, we are glad to inform you that all our members using the National mirror committee service are now live on Documents! Congratulations to all! 

Onboarding schedule

The complete migration plan for NMC members can be found here.



The migration of National Mirror Committees to the new platform will take place in a series of waves as seen in the below diagram and as already trialed successfully during our migration of ISO technical committee documents throughout 2020 (over 1.5 million documents!). In each wave, all the active committees of the NMC members being migrated in the wave, will be transferred to the new platform (i.e. an active committee will be a mirroring committees with at least one member registered and mapped to at least one ISO or CEN committee).

The NMC platform provides members with enough flexibility to use the programme for their national context. For this reason, not all members use the platform in quite the same way: some using only basic features and others using more complex features. Our project roadmap takes these differences into consideration.

With each ‘wave’ of National Mirror Committee Documents migration, more enhanced features will be introduced to include those required by the members being migrated. We start simple and increase the complexity as we go along.


The following diagram details the change management retro-plan for each go-live wave. 

  • D-30 (no later) the project team will inform you of the migration date (1 date per go-live wave). 

  • D-20 (no later) confirmation of your go-live date and launch of your change management campaign (which includes, a change management plan,  end-user communication drafts, videos, online self-help etc. which you can use/adapt for use in your national context)

  • D-7 reminder of the upcoming changes, including guidance on what to do (and not to do) with the current application before the roll-out of the new application

  • D-3 last-minute reminder

  • D-day: 

    • confirmation that the new application is available

    • Go-Live welcome message & available resources

drafted communication messages to share with your end-users

D-7 draft message to your users to inform them of upcoming change

D-3 draft message to your users to inform them of upcoming change

The D-Day draft message to your users to inform them of the Go-Live

NEW Automatic Document Notification Scheduler

The Automatic Document Notification Scheduler is one of the many features available today in National eCommittees. It allows members of national committees to be informed whenever new national and international documents are published. It also allows NSBs to define the timing for these notifications to be sent.

The project to replace ISOlutions National eCommittees by National Documents is a unique opportunity to review the Automatic Document Notification Scheduler and address these limitations, see the page here to get all the details about the improvements.


To find more information about the application and how to use it, you can refer to the different training modules listed below (videos).

Module 1. Introduction  (2:20)

Module 2. Access and navigation  (7:30)

Module 3. Search and download  (3:40)

Sneak preview ISOlutions Documents

 ISOlutions Documents application  -  coming soon!


NOW AVAILABLE : you are able to access and practice in the training environment at any time.

You just need to contact us at helpdesk@iso.org to get the credentials and the link to access the Training environment

Providing Feedback

Your feedback will help us fine-tune the Documents application as the project advances.

You are welcome to send us any comments you may have at helpdesk@iso.org.

DOCUMENTS knowledge base

For help and support, visit our Knowledge base articles or contact the helpdesk@iso.org