• Secrétariat: ISO
    Mr Javier Liñares
  • Président(e):
    Ms Lisa Inversini
  • Date de création: 2005

Domaine des travaux

The ISO Information Technology Network is a community of IT managers, specialists or CIOs, of ISO members and partner organizations. Its purpose is to share knowledge on IT technologies, solutions, and more generally governance, processes, tools and best practices.

Among the functions of ISO/ITN are:

  1. Provide a bridge between ISO/CS and the ISO members, regarding the planning or implementation of Information Technologies.
  2. Promote knowledge sharing and innovative tools/solutions related to Information Technologies across the ISO members.
  3. Organize and structure ad-hoc groups to consult the ISO members regarding technology implementations that impact their IT departments (for example, B2B interfaces).
  4. Identify areas where scale-economies by may bring common benefits, and propose for implementation.

Some of the work of the ISO/ITN can be delegated to working groups that could be composed of members’ representatives other than the members of the ISO/ITN.

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