While an educational organization can never guarantee the success of its learners, there are a number of ways that it can more effectively meet their needs and contribute to better learning outcomes. ISO 21001, Educational organizations – Management systems for educational organizations – Requirements with guidance for use, is a management system standard that is partially aligned with ISO 9001:2015 for quality management systems. It provides a common management tool for educational organizations aiming to improve their processes and address the needs and expectations of those who use their services.

The future standard will also help educational providers align their activities effectively with their mission and vision and offer more personalized learning, both of which benefit not only learners but, thanks to improved processes and a system in place for their improvement across time, educators, parents and other stakeholders who will also reap results from the more consistent outputs.

The standard has just reached Draft International Standard (DIS) stage, meaning that interested parties can submit feedback on the draft, which will be considered before it is published as a standard early next year.

ISO 21001 is intended to be useful to all kinds of educational providers, from kindergarten to higher education, vocational training centres and e-learning services.

Any interested parties can submit comments on the draft by contacting their national ISO member.

The DIS version of ISO 21001 can be purchased from ISO members or through the ISO Store.