Services are the largest component of most economies, according to the World Trade Organization (WTO), and the demand for standards to ensure a high level of service is increasing accordingly. How to meet this demand and where the future lies are therefore key themes throughout the week’s #servicestandards social media campaign, where ISO members and partners will get together to share ideas and information.

These will also be important themes at ISO’s international workshop “Global services: ISO standards as solutions”, held in Geneva this week. The event brings together experts from standardization bodies, consumer organizations, international trade organizations and representatives in the services sector to share best practices, expectations and experiences.

Everyone stands to benefit from standards in the services sector. Quality services enhance consumers' life in everything from tourism to utilities while, for businesses, they can be a real competitive advantage.

Highlights of the week include two live broadcasts from the event on 13 June at 3.30 pm (CET) and 14 June at 3 pm (CET), where viewers can hear from the experts, ask questions or make comments via our Facebook page.

Join in the conversation with the #servicestandards hashtag and read more about it on our dedicated Website.