Whether you are a company or a government representative or just curious about what’s happening in climate change, read the latest ISOfocus to find out more about this major issue that we need to tackle together.

ISO has produced over 570 environment-related standards, including those that monitor climate change, quantify greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and promote good practice in environmental management and design. These standards can help stakeholders address climate change and support the efforts of developed and developing countries in relation to mitigation and adaptation.


Cover of ISOfocus January/February 2016 - Climate chaos

From helping organizations quantify their greenhouse gas emissions and communicate on them (ISO 14064 and ISO 14065) to promoting good practice in clean cookstoves and energy management (ISO 50001), ISO’s portfolio of standards has it all. What’s more, a future standard - ISO 14080 - is now under development, which will lay down the framework for developing new methodologies, and using existing ones, for climate action.

In the new January/February 2016 issue of ISOfocus, we ask the top experts in the field for the latest information and advice on how ISO’s portfolio can address climate change, reduce GHG emissions, and manage mitigation and adaptation. We also bring together the latest commentary on the UN climate change conference (COP21) held in Paris this past December.

In his opening comment, the ISO President Dr. Zhang Xiaogang highlights how ISO offers a platform to support an increased engagement of the global community into action – further contributing to the development of standards for a sustainable world.

“The mission of ISO – of which each one of us is an essential part – is that of eliminating global barriers and prejudices, substituting for them a set of common standards, valid for everyone and that everyone can make voluntary use of, to grow and prosper. Let's then face the new year reinforcing our participation in this mission, making the best possible use of our capabilities and of the new tools that are at our disposal.”

So what are the most pressing issues affecting climate change? How can ISO standards help? And which changes/improvements are poised to make the biggest impact? We spoke to some of today's most important industry leaders and asked them to share the developments they're most excited about. Here, Crédit Agricole and Mutua Madrileña explain why ISO 50001 is good for the business, and highlight some of the key considerations on implementing the standard within their companies.

If you’re thinking about using ISO standards or want to discover what standards are available for climate change action, look no further than the latest ISOfocus. You will learn about the dangerous consequences of climate change, the impact of COP21, and how we can move forward from today to build lasting strategies and increased global collaboration.