Ms. Kullman also talks about how standards like ISO 9001 (quality management) and ISO 14001 (environmental management) have helped DuPont improve processes both for their customers and value chain.

She emphasizes the importance of getting involved in ISO’s work. “ Collaborating with other companies, stakeholders and innovators through the work on ISO technical committees is just one example of what we mean by Inclusive Innovation – no one organization alone can solve these complex issues, ” she says.

In its Special Report, the March issue ISO Focus+, celebrates the accomplishments, talents and expertise of women in standardization. It also takes a critical look at the work that remains in order to continue gaining ground.

The issue gives a voice to a selection of women in leadership, from CEOs of national standards bodies to experts in ISO technical committees. Although each has a unique story to tell, there is a common message: gender diversity enriches and strengthens an organization.

Women represent an important portion of the staff at the ISO Central Secretariat (55 %), as in many national standards bodies. Hundreds, if not thousands, are experts and leaders in technical committees, working on subjects ranging from information technology to nanotechologies. In fact, diversity and equality lie at the very heart of standardization and are fundamental to its success. The more voices get heard during the development of a standard – be it from industry, government, academia, NGOs, consumers – the more representative and influential the resulting document will be.

Standards level the playing field, giving everyone equal opportunities. They are also powerful tools for sharing best practice –including gender diversity, which is directly addressed in ISO 26000 on social responsibility.

By telling success stories and presenting role models in the world of standards, this issue of ISO Focus+ aims to be a catalyst for further progress and inspire new generations of women to get on board.

Other highlights in this March edition include articles on the following:

ISO Focus+, March 2013

Gaining ground