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under the direct responsibility of ISO/TC 85/SC 6


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under the direct responsibility of ISO/TC 85/SC 6


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Reference Title Type
ISO/TC 85/SC 6/WG 1 Power reactor analyses and measurements Working group *
ISO/TC 85/SC 6/WG 2 Research and test reactors Working group *
ISO/TC 85/SC 6/WG 3 Power reactor, siting, design, operation, and decommissioning Working group *

* The convener can be reached through the secretariat (See contact information below)

Liaison Committees from ISO/TC 85/SC 6

ISO/TC 85/SC 6 can access the documents of the committees below :

Reference Title ISO/IEC
ISO/TC 11 Boilers and pressure vessels ISO
ISO/TC 17 Steel ISO
ISO/TC 92 Fire safety ISO
ISO/TC 135 Non-destructive testing ISO
Organizations in liaison
Acronym Title Liaison type
EC - European Commission European Commission A
IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency A
WANO World Association of Nuclear Operators A
WNA World Nuclear Association A
Date Month Location TC/SC Note
18-19 May 2017 West Conshohocken (Philadelphia) (USA) ISO/TC 85/SC 6  

* Information definite but meeting not yet formally convened
** Provisional

ISO/TC 85/SC 6 - Secretariat

ANSI United States
American Society for Testing and Materials
100 Barr Harbor Drive, P.O. Box C700
West Conshohocken, PA 19428-2959
United States

Tel: +1 610 832 9555 / +1 610 832 9585
Fax: +1 610 832 96 66

Secretariat direct:
Mr Mike Brisson
Tel: +1-803-952-4400
Fax: +1-803-952-4100