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Reference Title Type
ISO/TC 38/SC 1/WG 1   Light and weathering Working group
ISO/TC 38/SC 1/WG 2   Washing Working group
ISO/TC 38/SC 1/WG 5   Adjacent fabrics Working group
ISO/TC 38/SC 1/WG 13   Miscellaneous technical projects Working group
Liaison Committees to ISO/TC 38/SC 1

The committees below can access the documents of ISO/TC 38/SC 1:

Reference Title ISO/IEC
IEC/SC 59D Performance of household and similar electrical laundry appliances IEC
IEC/TC 78 Live working IEC
ISO/TC 91 Surface active agents ISO
ISO/TC 120 Leather ISO
ISO/TC 189 Ceramic tile ISO
ISO/TC 219 Floor coverings ISO


Organizations in liaison (Category A and B)
Acronym Title Category
AATCC American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists A
AISE International Association for Soaps, Detergent and Maintenance Products A
CIE International Commission on Illumination A
CINET International Committee of Textile Care A
ECE European Colourfastness Establishment A
IULTCS International Union of Leather Technologists and Chemists Societies A

Date Month Location TC/SC Note
1 November 2023 Seoul (Korea, Republic of) ISO/TC 38/SC 1  

* Information definite but meeting not yet formally convened
** Provisional

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