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In transit

Today, the future of transport is far greater than getting people and goods from point A to point B. 

The transportation industry is constantly on the lookout for ways to improve the quality of its services. From road to rail, ISO standards are providing the engine to cleaner, safer and faster technologies. What are the latest innovations? 

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Ноябрь/Декабрь 2020

In transit

This issue uncovers current trends in the transportation industry and outlines upcoming winning strategies that will lead the entire transport sphere in 2021. Discover the latest solutions here.

Mission possible for unmanned aircraft systems


During the COVID-19 pandemic, air drones or unmanned aircraft systems have played vital roles, from delivering aid to monitoring social distancing. However, …



Transportation is vital, and a driver for economic development and growth.

H.E. Abdullah Al Maeeni, Director General, Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology
Abdullah Al Maeeni

Cybersecurity in the driver’s seat


As the world gets more connected, so do our cars. But greater connectivity equates to more data that could get into the wrong hands. Cybersecurity in automotive engineering is an industry with the wind in its sails, but the battle is not yet won.

Flying into an uncertain future

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to take its toll on lives and economies around the world, there is no doubt that it has had a severe impact on the aviation industry. Séverin Drogoul, an expert with over 35 years’ experience in the industry, looks at the challenges and explains how the sector can avail …

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