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Мы являемся Международной организацией по стандартизации. Мы разрабатываем и публикуем международные стандарты.

Closeup of metal processing plant worker inspecting certain pieces of finished products. He's making sure that the steel cylinder has proper dimensions. He's using manual caliper device.
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Clare Naden от
So much more than a toilet: ISO standards help transform lives on World Toilet Day
More than four billion people in the world live without safely managed sanitation, impacting not only their health but their dignity. Recognizing the critical need for new and accessible technologies to remedy this situation, ISO has a number of International Standards to support innovative solutions …
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Calculating the value of the environment with new ISO standard
How does an organization value the dependencies it has on the environment? There’s a lot of information on what makes smarter sustainable strategies, but very little data. Now a new ISO standard provides the answers.
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Embracing the age of artificial intelligence in the latest ISOfocus
Artificial intelligence (AI) is a game-changing technology that is affecting all our lives and shaping our future. In the latest ISOfocus issue, we debunk the AI myths, explore the opportunities and explain why globally relevant standards are key.
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Embracing the power of technology
Just how worried should we be about killer robots? Amidst all the talk about how artificial intelligence (AI) is threatening society, some experts believe AI shouldn’t be feared. Here’s why we can embrace the power of technology.

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ISOfocus Ноябрь/Декабрь 2019

Время искусственного интеллекта

В этом выпуске мы развенчиваем мифы об искусственном интеллекте, рассматриваем открывающиеся возможности и объясняем, почему международные стандарты очень важны.