• Секретарь:
    Mr José Baltar
  • Председатель:
    Mr Edward Njoroge
  • Дата создания : 2013

Область деятельности

The President's Committee was established by the ISO General Assembly in 2012. The members are the ISO Officers (including the President-elect when relevant).

The terms of reference of the President's Committee are as follows:

  • Reports to the Council
  • Advises Council on matters decided by Council
  • Ensures communication and coordination among governance groups
  • Manages performance objectives of the Secretary-General
  • Provide administrative guidance to the Secretary-General

Быстрый поиск

Дата Меяц Местоположение ТК/ПК Примечание
14 October 2021 Virtual ISO/President's committee *
19 November 2021 Virtual ISO/President's committee *
9 December 2021 Virtual ISO/President's committee *

* Информация определена, но заседание еще официально не проведено
** Предварительное