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By Maria Lazarte
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Would you buy a product from a manufacturer across the world if you were not sure it met the minimum standards for safety and quality? After all, it could fall apart or prove unsafe; or it might not be compatible with other equipment you have at home.

The answer, of course, is no. Without international standards, there would be no confidence in the global supply chain of goods and services that most of us so readily take for granted. To draw attention to this important issue, ISO and its partner organizations, the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), are dedicating World Standards Day – celebrated annually on 14 October – to how standards build trust.

When we scan our well-stocked store shelves or call upon a service provider, we trust – and expect – that the products or services they provide will meet our expectations. That’s because of the standards and conformity assessment that stand behind them. When these are lacking, this trust is easily broken.


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Without standards, the everyday life we know just would not work. From tech gadgets to office and household items, to services that fuel the global economy, standards are necessary to ensure safety, dependability and interoperability.

International standards are developed by experts from all over the world, through a process that is balanced, open and transparent. Trust is at the heart of this work, which results in practical solutions to real problems and issues.

“For almost 70 years, ISO has produced voluntary consensus-based standards that have driven industrial progress, spurred global commerce, and improved health, safety and the environment,” says Acting ISO Secretary-General Kevin McKinley.

“Trusted standards mean that industry doesn’t need to reinvent the wheel, that innovations will be compatible and work with existing technology, and that products and services will be trusted too. Governments use standards as trusted solutions to complement regulation, and they give peace of mind to consumers who know they are not putting themselves or their families at risk.”


Video: World Standards Day 2016 - Message from Kevin McKinley


Every year on 14 October, IEC, ISO and ITU, and all their members, celebrate World Standards Day in tribute to the collaborative efforts of the thousands of experts worldwide who develop voluntary international standards.

Maria Lazarte
Maria Lazarte

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