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ISO's leading environmental management system standard, ISO 14001, is now open for public comment.

The standard, which is undergoing a revision to ensure it remains a useful tool to today’s businesses and organizations, is now at the DIS stage (the Draft International Standard stage) with the DIS ballot opening today.

As ISO Secretary General Rob Steele explained, this is the stage where anyone, from industry, academia, regulatory bodies or consumer organizations can have their say on the revision of this influential standard.

"Today is a very important day for this standard. The expert committee has put together this draft, they have done their work, and got it to the stage where it is mature enough to go literally to the world for comment", he said.

Susan Briggs is the convener of the expert committee that has been working on the revised draft and in this video she explains some of the main changes to the standard.

According to Susan, the new version expands environmental policy commitments from the prevention of pollution to more proactive and positive commitments to protect the environment, as well as including a stronger focus on the role and commitments of top management in the organization.

Find out about the changes in this video. You can also purchase a draft of the standard in the ISO Store or from your member. To get involved in the commenting process please contact the ISO member in your country.


For more information about the revision, please visit our page ISO 14001 Revision.

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