Mr. Peyrat is head of AFNOR, the ISO national member for France, occupying the post of Director General of the AFNOR Group since 2003.

He has represented AFNOR on the ISO Council and on its standing committees on finance or strategy since 2003. He was also Chair of the ISO Committee on conformity assessment (ISO/CASCO) in 2007-2011.

Mr. Peyrat has an academic background in engineering and business administration. He began his professional career in 1984 in the Regional Administration of Industry and Research of Ile de France and then held several management positions related to quality and certification in public administration.

In 1989, he joined the French Quality Assurance Association (AFAQ) and became its Director General in 1993. He served in 1995-1996 as advisor to the French Minister of Industry. In 1997, he was appointed Chair of the Management Board of AFAQ ASCERT International.

Mr. Peyrat has also chaired a number of standards committees and working groups at national, European and international levels.

ISO Vice-President (finance)