Assessing the health of industrial machinery

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A new International Standard aims to make it easier to assess the health of industrial machinery by improving the way the diagnostic information is processed through a software system.

Condition monitoring and diagnostics of machines (CM&D) is the process of assessing the health (integrity) of equipment with a view to determining its remaining life. The various computer software programmes written for CM&D cannot easily exchange data or operate in a plug-and-play fashion without an extensive integration effort. This makes it difficult to integrate systems and provide users with the "bill of health" of the asset.

ISO 13374-1:2003

Published by ISO (International Organization for Standardization), ISO 13374-1:2003, Condition monitoring and diagnostics of machines - Data processing, communication and presentation - Part 1: General guidelines, will allow data and information from condition monitoring systems to be processed, communicated and displayed by various software packages without platform-specific or hardware-specific protocols.

The new standard provides guidelines for software specifications which can be used to create an interface between condition-monitoring technologies and the software packages that interpret their data. It is designed to enable users to assess the current health of the machine, predict future failures and assist them in generating and transmitting recommended actions.

According to Ken Bever, Convenor of the working group that developed the new standard, ISO 13374-1 is expected to result in cost savings for users by removing the need for extensive and costly integration efforts.

"The cost of in-house integration of this specialized data is extremely costly. The value of the technology is significantly reduced when it cannot be easily electronically shared and stored. Integration efforts are time-consuming and costly. Even if an integration effort is completed, the software maintenance costs are estimated to be 20 % of the initial integration cost per year."

The new standard is aimed for use by suppliers of machine condition-monitoring systems and end-users who desire plug-and-play machinery condition-monitoring software and information compatibility.

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