Government: good or bad?

Doesn't it drive you mad standing in long line-ups at government offices, sitting for hours in a doctor's practice or in the emergency room, driving along crumbling roads or stumbling over cracks in sidewalks? Don't you feel flustered and disappointed? After all, good taxpayer funding goes towards supporting these services that turn out to be unreliable, inefficient, or quite simply a waste of money.

In this edition, you'll learn about how governments can use ISO 9001 to win over voters, clean up bureaucracy and run the public sector like a well-oiled machine.

Does this mean governments should be run like a business? Of course not, it simply means that any entity that ignores these realities will eventually "go out of business" – whether or not it's a business.

Government: good or bad?

Learn about how governments can use ISO 9001 to win over voters, clean up bureaucracy and run the public sector like a well-oiled machine.

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The Incredible story of diving

We could give you a million reasons why standards are key for the tourism industry, but sometimes all you need is one story to make it real. So here is the tale of one man, a small company, and a revolutionary standard that transformed one of the largest tourism activities worldwide: diving.

This wonder and beauty has its share of risk.

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Dear Elected Official. Let's talk quality...
Dear Elected Official. Let's talk quality...

By Elizabeth Gasiorowski Denis

Governments - local or otherwise - are under increasing pressure around the world to provide results that matter to the public, often within severe resource constraints. Now they are taking pointers from the private sector by using ISO 9001 for quality management to provide efficient and reliable services vital to the lives of millions of people.
Policing private security
Policing private security

By Katie Bird

During the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the use of private security companies (PSCs) came into the public eye. A number of incidents, including alleged involvement in the deaths of innocent civilians and the use of unnecessary force and torture, led many to believe such companies were operating outside the rule of law. Responding to this challenge, a new ISO project committee has started work on an international framework to help the industry adopt good practice and improve accountability.

The fine bubble breakthrough
The fine bubble breakthrough

By Elizabeth Gasiorowski Denis

Imagine your kitchen floor or bathroom tiles being cleaned by very tiny bubbles. Or imagine round-the-clock restrooms staying clean and functional. Sounds great, but how is it possible and is it too good to be true? Not anymore, a new technological era is dawning.

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