This page is dedicated to ISOlutions programme National Standard Bodies officers and experts. It will be updated regularly with all the latest news, support materials and other useful resources regarding the program.

Look out for our upcoming survey to capture feedback on the functional aspect of the platform and about change management efforts made to accompany your transition to the new environment.

Latest News


New Terms and Conditions acceptance flow

Starting in early December 2022, a new acceptance flow will be implemented for Terms and Conditions (T&Cs). The T&Cs relate to the use of all ISO-operated IT systems.

With the introduction of a more coherent environment where users can seamlessly navigate national, ISO and CEN content from a single platform, we have enhanced the T&Cs workflow to ensure a direct reference is made not only to ISO and CEN T&Cs but also to any National T&Cs you may have in place, and that all relevant* T&Cs are duly accepted by users. 
(* depending on the roles in national /ISO/CEN committees defined in the Global directory)

More details can be found on this page.

Decommissioning of NTC

We are preparing the decommission of National eCommittees (NTC), the former platform used to manage your documents.  

No action will be required from you.  As soon as access to the platform is deactivated, an automated mechanism will redirect NTC requests to the equivalent migrated content in the new Documents platform. 


New document type in Documents

A new document type is now available in Documents, "Publication".

This document type is mainly aimed to circulate Publications that require an additional security level, as Publication document type will be by default watermarked-on-the-fly (user email address + date of download).   

Find more details on this page.


Automatic Document Notification Scheduler

The Automatic Document Notification Scheduler is one of the many new features available today when using the Documents platform for national content. It allows members of national committees to be informed whenever new national and/or international documents are published, per schedules defined by each NSB.

See this page for full details on improvements.


Upcoming enhancements
  • Reporting capabilities on usage of the Documents platform by your national experts
  • Improvement of automatic notifications 
  • ISO and CEN working documents context improvement for better understanding by national experts 


To find more information about the application and how to use it, you can refer to the different training modules listed below (videos).


Module 1. Introduction  (3:20)

Module 2. Access and navigation  (8:50)

Module 3. Search and download  (3:40)

Module 4. Manage documents (7:50)


Module 1. Overview (4:13)

Module 2. Demo (4.53)


For help and support, visit our Knowledge base articles or contact the 

Training environment - come and see for yourself!

You just need to contact us at to get the credentials and the link to access the Training environment

ISOlutions projects update

A playlist is available with project updates made to the ISOlutions member group at the 2022 annual meeting.

Providing Feedback

Your feedback will help us fine-tune the Documents application as the project advances. Some of you will be directly involved in the Focus Group and/or have answered our first survey regarding the application.

You are also welcome to send us any comments you may have at