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Here you can access consumer publications and presentations and information on COPOLCO events.

Consumer standards

Download the list of consumer standards published by ISO.

Key areas for consumers

Key areas programme 
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ISO Guides

ISO produces a number of guides to help standards writers and standards bodies deal with issues specific to standardization.

Learn more about ISO Guides.

ISO/IEC Guides prepared by COPOLCO

ISO/IEC Guide 14, Purchase information on goods and services intended for consumers
ISO/IEC Guide 37, Instructions for use of products by consumers
ISO/IEC Guide 41, Packaging – Recommendations for addressing consumer needs
ISO/IEC Guide 46, Comparative testing of consumer products and related services – General principles
ISO/IEC Guide 74, Graphical symbols – Technical guidelines for the consideration of consumers' needs
ISO/IEC Guide 76, Development of standards for services – Recommendations for addressing consumer issues
ISO/IEC Guide 50, Safety aspects – Guidelines for child safety
ISO/IEC Guide 51Safety aspects – Guidelines for their inclusion in standards

COPOLCO is also contributing to

ISO/IEC Guide 71, Guidelines for standards developers to address the needs of older persons and persons with disabilities.

Many of these belong to a collection of publicly-available Guides.

ISO Directory of consumer interest participation

ISO has created a searchable platform of information on how its members involve consumers in their work. ISO members are asked to submit their own information to this database, which can then be searched by anyone looking to find out more about local consumer participation in standards development work.

Find out more by accessing the ISO Directory of consumer interest participation.

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Consumers and standards: Partnership for a better world
Learn how consumers can engage in standards with this free online tutorial
Cover page: Your voice matters
Your voice matters
This brochure describes the role of consumer representatives in ISO work and lists the particular benefits of consumer participation to standards.