ISO/TS 20048-1:2020
ISO/TS 20048-1:2020



This document defines a method for determination of off-gassing (permanent gases) and oxygen depletion from woody as well as non-woody biomass, including densified materials such as pellets and briquettes, as well as non-densified materials such as chips. The method is also applicable for thermally treated materials, including torrefied and carbonized materials.

The emission and depletion factor and emission and depletion rate for various gas species emitted from sample within a closed test container is determined by means of gas chromatography.

The emission and depletion factor and emission and depletion rate provide guidance for ventilation requirements to keep gas concentrations below Permissible Exposure Levels (PEL) in spaces where workers can be exposed to the enclosed atmosphere.

General information 

  •  :  Published
     : 2020-03
  •  : 1
     : 20
  •  : ISO/TC 238 Solid biofuels
  •  :
    27.190 Biological sources and alternative sources of energy
    75.160.40 Biofuels

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