Horizontal Alignment (XHTML table model)

Use W3C documentation for the XHTML1.1 table model. (


Sets the horizontal (line) alignment inside a table cell

The @align attribute is used in two different ways. 1) It specifies the horizontal alignment for the entire cell (such as “ center ” or “ justify ”. 2) It is used for aligning values in table cells on a particular character within the cell, commonly a decimal point. Alignment on a particular character requires that three attributes be set in the XML document:

  1. The @align attribute value is set to the word “ char ”.
  2. The @char attribute value is set to the actual character to use for the aligning, for example, to align on a decimal point, the “ . ” character.
  3. The @charoff attribute value is set to the percent of the current column width to be placed to the left of the (left edge of the) alignment character, for example, “ 30 ”.

Attribute Values

In Elements

<col>, <colgroup>, <tbody>, <td>, <tfoot>, <th>, <thead>, <tr>
Value Meaning
center Center align the cell contents
char Align the text on the character identified with the @char attribute
justify Fully justify cell contents (right and left justification)
left Left justify cell contents
right Right justify cell contents
Restriction: This attribute may be specified if the element is used.