Given (First) Names

Includes all given names for a person, such as the first name, middle names, maiden name if used as part of the married name, etc.)


As a typical example, in the name “John Q. Delancey Public”, the <given-names> would be “John Q. Delancey” and the <surname> would be “Public”.

Care should be taken with multipart names to divide the components into family names (<surname>) and personal names (<given-names>) in as culturally appropriate a fashion as possible. Initials can be preserved separately using the @initials attribute.

<surname initials=”Q”>Llanos De La Torre Quiralte</surname>   
<given-names initials=”M”>M</given-names>    

<surname initials=”U”>Usdin</surname>   
<given-names initials=”BT”>B. Tommie</given-names>

<surname initials=”GM” >Gonzalez Martin</surname>   
<given-names initials=”J”>Josquin</given-names>    

<surname initials=”M”>McNair</surname>   
<given-names initials=”KPC”>Kenneth Pritchard Carnu</given-names>    

<surname initials=”B”>Ben Gurion</surname>   
<given-names initials=”D”>David</given-names>    

<surname initials=”B”>Ben-Gurion</surname>   
<given-names initials=”D”>David</given-names>    

<surname initials=”M”>de la Mare</surname>   
<given-names initials=”WJ”>Walter John</given-names>                

<surname initials=”D” >Di Iorio</surname>   
<given-names initials=”S”>Silvio</given-names>

<surname initials=”T”>Toulouse-Lautrec-Monfa, de</surname>   
<given-names initials=”H”>Henri Marie Raymond</given-names>

<surname initials=”L”>Lewis</surname>   
<given-names initials=”CS”>CS</given-names>

<surname initials=”L”>Lewis</surname>   
<given-names initials=”CS”>C.S.</given-names>

Best Practice: There is no single style that best handles all single (one-part) names. Tibetan, Indian, and Burmese single names that are not surnames may be tagged as <given-names>; there is no need to commit the tag abuse of calling the given name a surname. Most westernized single names (“Pele”, “Prince”, “Babyface”, “Aztek”) are more likely to be retrieved properly if they are tagged as <surname>s.


initials Initials of Given Names

Model Description

Text, numbers, or special characters, zero or more

This element may be contained in:

<name>, <speaker>, <string-name>


<ref id="B27">
<person-group person-group-type="author">
<article-title>Functional discovery via a compendium
of expression profiles</article-title>
<p>This report is the most extensive DNA expression
profile of yeast genes. It examines the expression
pattern of the whole yeast genome in 300 mutant
strains. It infers the function of many unknown
genes comparing profiles among the different