Document Version Number

Gives the version number for this document.


Value. Typically the version number will be a sequence of decimal digits (defaulting to 1). In more complex cases, it may be a sequence of hyphen-separated strings giving the base version of the main document and the versions of all applicable supplements, e.g. “1-amd1.v1-cor3” for version 1 of the document, as modified by version 1 of Amendment 1 and further modified by version 1 of Technical Corrigendum 3.

This element is part of the ISOSTS customization of the JATS journal publishing vocabulary; it is not part of the base vocabulary.

Model Description

Text, numbers, or special characters, zero or more

This element may be contained in:



      <std-ref type="dated">ISO 3951-2:2006</std-ref>
      <std-ref type="undated">ISO 3951-2</std-ref>