We have identified ten strategic programmes which prioritise our work towards the goals of the ISO Strategy 2030.

1 / ISO Digital Learning Solutions

Improving the quality and accessibility of online learning and development.


Driving the digital transformation of standards.

3 / Digital collaboration

Integrating digital and hybrid work in a sustainable, long-term way.

4 / Data Connect

Facilitating production of standards through data collection, exchange and analysis.

5 / Improved development processes

Responding to market needs, optimizing existing deliverables, and creating fast-response processes.

6 / Standard users' needs

Understanding our customers and putting them at the centre of everything we do.

7 / Future challenges and market needs

Identifying and responding to new areas for standardization.

8 / Diversity and inclusion

Valuing and encouraging diversity of gender, age, origin, and ability across the ISO system.

9 / Capacity Building Funding

Securing funding, providing clarity on its origins and uses, and supporting data-driven decisions.

10 / Benefits of Standards

Increasing understanding of standards and their impact.

The Future of Standards

We've been making standards for more than 70 years, helping the world get moving,  making life easier.

Now we're changing the way we access, exchange and share information, we're helping to remove barriers and enabling teams from around the world to collaborate in real time wherever they may be we no longer need to travel the skies when we use the power of the cloud a new way of working is preparing us for the future.