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This document specifies the technical delivery conditions for corrosion-resistant alloy seamless tubular products for casing, tubing, coupling stock and accessory material (including coupling stock and accessory material from bar) for two product specification levels:

— PSL-1, which is the basis of this document;

— PSL-2, which provides additional requirements for a product that is intended to be both corrosion and cracking resistant for the environments and qualification method specified in Annex G and in the ISO 15156 series.

At the option of the manufacturer, PSL-2 products can be provided in lieu of PSL-1.

NOTE 1 The corrosion-resistant alloys included in this document are special alloys in accordance with ISO 4948-1 and ISO 4948-2.

NOTE 2 For the purpose of this document, NACE MR0175 is equivalent to the ISO 15156 series.

NOTE 3 Accessory products can be manufactured from coupling stock and tubular material, or from solid bar stock or from bored and heat heat-treated bar stock as covered in Annex F.

This document contains no provisions relating to the connection of individual lengths of pipe.

This document contains provisions relating to marking of tubing and casing after threading.

This document is applicable to the following five groups of products:

a) group 1, which is composed of stainless alloys with a martensitic or martensitic/ferritic structure;

b) group 2, which is composed of stainless alloys with a ferritic-austenitic structure, such as duplex and super-duplex stainless alloy;

c) group 3, which is composed of stainless alloys with an austenitic structure (iron base);

d) group 4, which is composed of nickel-based alloys with an austenitic structure (nickel base);

e) group 5, which is composed of bar only (Annex F) in age-hardened (AH) nickel-based alloys with austenitic structure.

NOTE 4 Not all PSL-1 categories and grades can be made cracking resistant in accordance with the ISO 15156 series and are, therefore, not included in PSL-2.

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    Дата публикации : 2020-05
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    ISO/TC 67/SC 5
    Casing, tubing and drill pipe
  • 75.180.10
    Exploratory, drilling and extraction equipment
    Steel pipes and tubes for specific use

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