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This document describes the general content and structure of the entire QIF information model. It describes the highest level data structures of QIF, that are expanded in Clauses 6 through 12 using data dictionaries and XML schema files. All QIF XML schema files can be found at www.qifstandards.org.

This document also describes practices for forming QIF instance files, called "documents," that support quality workflow scenarios. Its focus is to show how the QIF information model, and data formed into XML instance files, support the entire scope of model based definition manufacturing quality workflow. It describes how the information model is partitioned among the XML schema files and contains all terms used in the subject area clauses.

The purpose of this document is to orient potential users of QIF to the organization of the information model to make their study of the details more rewarding and efficient. It should also help solution providers and users to evaluate QIF for their uses, without needing to go to the lowest technical details of the XML schemas. The information model narrative focuses on the approach to modeling the core data structures of QIF, which model the content of ASME GD&T and ISO GPS, and the plans and results data elements defined in Dimensional Measuring Interface Standards (DMSI) ISO 22093 and ANSI/DMSC DMIS 5.3. The material on XML practices describes consistent design practices to be used by QIF working groups who will be designing new schemas. It should also help data processing experts to write software that writes and reads manufacturing quality data using the XML schemas.

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    Дата публикации : 2020-07
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    ISO/TC 184/SC 4
    Industrial data
  • 25.040.40
    Industrial process measurement and control

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