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This document gives guidance to specifiers and users on the control of eye and face hazards including physical, mechanical, chemical, optical radiation and biological and on the selection, use and maintenance of eye and face protectors.

This document applies to

— occupational use,

— tasks that are performed similarly to those in an occupation but not in the workplace, e.g. "do-it-yourself", and

— schools, educational and research establishments.

This document does not apply to eye and face protection for

— ionizing radiation,

— low frequency radio waves,

— microwaves,

— sports or vehicular usage, and

— sunglasses for general (not occupational) use ? see ISO 12312-1.

NOTE The ISO 18527 (all parts) sets requirements for eye protectors for some sports.

Brief advice on protection when using lasers is included but for detailed advice, see IEC/TR 60825-14.

This document is neither a whole nor partial substitute for risk assessment, which is an essential part of any eye and face protection programme.

Although this document has been written to help specifiers and users, any recommendations in this document are to be interpreted as guidance only and not intended to replace any national regulatory requirements. Risk assessment is the sole responsibility of the employer and not the PPE manufacturer or its authorised representative.

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  • Текущий статус :  Published
    Дата публикации : 2021-02
  • Версия : 1
  • :
    ISO/TC 94/SC 6
    Eye and face protection
  • 13.340.20
    Head protective equipment

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