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This document provides voluntary performance targets for cookstoves and is intended to supplement ISO 19867-1. These voluntary performance targets are intended for use with the results of the laboratory testing specified in ISO 19867-1.

These voluntary performance targets are provided as informative guidance, and are not intended as normative requirements for the testing of cookstoves. Performance targets can be considered as an approach to benchmarking potential performance of cookstoves and clean cooking solutions, and provide guidance to help organizations and countries with international collaboration and trade in household energy technologies, fuels, and related products.

This document is therefore not intended to serve as the sole basis for decisions about which technologies/fuels to promote for a given setting, since the performance of a given technology will likely differ under real-use conditions. The best way to assess real-world impacts of a stove intervention or program is through field studies, see ISO 19869[1], as well as other existing methods[2][3].

In addition to the limitations arising from differences from real-word performance, laboratory test metrics (efficiency, emissions, safety, and durability) do not inform other factors that are critical to the impacts a product, program, or intervention may achieve. These factors include, but are not limited to geographic/cultural suitability, price-affordability, acceptability to the target user group, and other socio-economic factors.

These voluntary performance targets for emissions are intended to evaluate cookstoves used for small-scale household applications, with maximum firepower of up to 10 kW. Cookstoves that have firepower above 10 kW could emit substantially more overall pollutants into the household environment than those under 10 kW, while still meeting targets based on grams emitted per megajoule of useful energy delivered.

[1] Under preparation. Stage at the time of publication ISO/DIS 19869:2018.

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    Дата публикации : 2018-10
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    ISO/TC 285
    Clean cookstoves and clean cooking solutions
  • 97.040.20
    Cooking ranges, working tables, ovens and similar appliances

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