ISO 12812-1:2017 Предпросмотр

Core banking -- Mobile financial services -- Part 1: General framework

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ISO 12812-1:2017 defines the general framework of mobile financial services (payment and banking services involving a mobile device), with a focus on:

a) a set of definitions commonly agreed by the international financial industry;

b) the opportunities offered by mobile devices for the development of such services;

c) the promotion of an environment that reduces or minimizes obstacles for mobile financial service providers who wish to provide a sustainable and reliable service to a wide range of customers (persons and businesses), while ensuring that customers' interests are protected;

d) the different types of mobile financial services accessed through a mobile device including mobile proximate payments, mobile remote payments and mobile banking, which are detailed in other parts of ISO 12812;

e) the mobile financial services supporting technologies;

f) the stakeholders involved in the mobile payment ecosystems.

ISO 12812-1:2017 includes the following informative annexes:

- an overview of other standardization initiatives in mobile financial services (Annex A);

- a description of possible mobile payment business models (Annex B);

- a description of typical payment instruments which may be used (Annex C).

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  • Текущий статус :  Published
    Дата публикации : 2017-03
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    ISO/TC 68/SC 9
    Information exchange for financial services
  • 03.060
    Finances. Banking. Monetary systems. Insurance

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