ISO 22201:2009 is applicable to the product family of passenger and goods/passenger lifts used in residential buildings, offices, hospitals, hotels, industrial plants, etc. ISO 22201:2009 covers those aspects that it is necessary to address when programmable electronic systems are used to carry out electric safety functions for lifts (PESSRAL). ISO 22201:2009 is applicable for lift-safety functions that are identified in lift codes, standards or laws that reference ISO 22201:2009 for PESSRAL. The SILs specified in ISO 22201:2009 are understood to be valid for PESSRAL in the context of the referenced lift codes, standards and laws.

ISO 22201:2009 is also applicable for PESSRAL that are new or deviate from those described in ISO 22201:2009.

The requirements of ISO 22201:2009 regarding electrical safety/protective devices are such that it is not necessary to take into consideration the possibility of a failure of an electric safety/protective device complying with all the requirements of the standard.

ISO 22201:2009 does not cover hazards arising from the PES equipment itself, such as electric shock etc.; the concept of fail-safe, which can be of value when the failure modes are well defined and the level of complexity is relatively low; the concept of fail-safe is considered inappropriate because of the full range of complexity of the PESSRAL that are within the scope of ISO 22201:2009; and other relevant requirements necessary for the complete application of a PESSRAL in a lift-safety function, such as the mechanical construction, mounting and labelling of switches, actuators, or sensors that contain the PESSRAL. It is necessary that these requirements be carried out in accordance with the national lift standard that references ISO 22201:2009.

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    ISO/TC 178
    Lifts, escalators and moving walks
  • 91.140.90
    Lifts. Escalators

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