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ISO 16369:2007 specifies particular safety requirements for mast-climbing work platforms (MCWP) which are temporarily installed and are manually or power-operated, and which are designed to be used by one or more persons from which to carry out work.

ISO 16369:2007 is also applicable to permanently installed MCWPs.

ISO 16369:2007 is applicable to work platforms which are elevated by a drive system and guided by and moved along their supporting masts, where the masts may or may not require lateral restraint from separate supporting structures.

ISO 16369:2007 is applicable to any combination of the following alternatives: one or more masts; mast tied or untied; mast of fixed or variable length; masts vertical or inclined between 0o and 30o to the vertical; masts which are standing or hanging; movable or static base (chassis or base frame); manual or power-operated elevation; towed or self-powered ground travel on site, excluding road traffic regulation requirements; driven using electric, pneumatic, hydraulic motors or internal combustion engines.

ISO 16369:2007 identifies the hazards arising during the various phases in the life of such equipment and describes methods for the elimination or reduction of these hazards and for the use of safe working practices.

ISO 16369:2007 does not specify the requirements for dealing with the hazards involved in the manoeuvring, erection or dismantling, fixing or removing of any materials or equipment which are not part of the MCWP, nor does it deal with the handling of specific hazardous materials.

ISO 16369:2007 does not specify the requirements for delivering persons and materials to fixed landing levels. Such equipment is referred to as lifts or hoists and is dealt with by other International Standards.

ISO 16369:2007 does not apply to mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs), suspended access equipment or lifting tables.

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    Дата публикации : 2007-10
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    ISO/TC 214
    Elevating work platforms
  • 53.020.99
    Other lifting equipment

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