ISO 13448-2:2004 provides attributes sampling procedures and single sampling plans for successive independent inspections of the same lot conducted by the supplier, consumer and/or a third party.

ISO 13448-2:2004 addresses supplier inspection (final inspection, product certification upon supplier's request), consumer inspection (incoming inspection, surveillance, acceptance sampling), and third party inspection.

ISO 13448-2:2004 may also be applicable when only one inspection is needed.

A catalogue of single sampling plans is given, indexed by the normative quality limits (NQLs).

ISO 13448-2:2004 provides sampling procedures for finished product, components and discrete items, operations; discrete items and the processes that produce them, and data and records.

Attributes sampling procedures are provided for inspection of an isolated lot or a continuing series of lots of a discrete product. These procedures are applicable when a normative quality limit (NQL) is given expressed in terms of percent nonconforming or nonconformities per 100 items.

ISO 13448-2:2004 provides a co-ordinated system of supplier, consumer and third party acceptance sampling procedures. It is also applicable to the case where a supplier individually, or on agreement with a consumer, in a contract, specifies a lot quality criterion expressed in terms of an NQL. In either case, it provides a coherent methodology for designating lots as satisfactory or unsatisfactory for shipment and proposed use.

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    Дата публикации : 2004-12
  • Версия : 1
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    ISO/TC 69/SC 5
    Acceptance sampling
  • 03.120.30
    Application of statistical methods

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