ISO 15859-6:2004
ISO 15859-6:2004
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ISO 15859-6:2004 specifies limits for the composition of monomethylhydrazine and establishes the sampling and test requirements applicable for the verification of the monomethylhydrazine (MMH) composition.

ISO 15859-6:2004 is applicable to monomethylhydrazine propellant, used as a fuel in propellant systems of space systems as well as in both flight hardware and ground facilities, systems, and equipment, of Grade A (98,0 % pure) and Grade F (98,5 % pure).

ISO 15859-6:2004 is applicable to influents only within the specified limits herein.

ISO 15859-6:2004 is applicable to any sampling operation required to ensure that, when the fluid enters the launch vehicle or spacecraft, the fluid composition complies with the limits provided hereafter or with any technical specification agreed to for a particular use.

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  •  :  Published
     : 2004-06
  •  : 1
  •  : ISO/TC 20/SC 14 Space systems and operations
  •  :
    49.140 Space systems and operations

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